Takeprofit Tech expands partnership with Binance

Takeprofit Tech expands partnership with Binance

Takeprofit Tech first integrated its order management hub system for liquidity aggregation, flow management and risk management with Binance in September 2021. The Takeprofit Hub network currently includes more than 50 liquidity providers and wholesale brokers, and the hub provides seamless communication between network members. Five cryptocurrency exchanges support the solution: Binance, Bitfinex, OkCoin, Kraken and Alpaca.

As part of Takeprofit’s expanded collaboration with the Binance exchange, forex brokers and their clients will be offered enhanced support features, access to Binance futures and spot trading. In addition, forex brokers registered with Takeprofit’s liquidity center will be able to act as market makers and trade directly on Binance

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with Binance and are pleased that our technology can facilitate forex companies’ access to Binance’s more than 1,400 trading instruments and diversify their client offerings”, said Takeprofit Cyprus office head Valerie Styazhkova.

Takeprofit Tech, with the support of Binance, offers institutional clients the support of a Binance personal manager during their corporate adaptation and entry into crypto trading. In addition, the offer package includes VIP status for the first two months, regardless of trading volume or balance.

In late March 2022, the Financial Times posted a report stating that cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in an effort to diversify its revenue channels and introduce cryptocurrencies into the real sector, is acquiring traditional companies “across all sectors of the economy”.

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