Newzoo: As early as 2022, more gaming companies will use blockchain

Newzoo’s research found that the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model is rapidly evolving, and the adoption of blockchain in cyber sports is becoming increasingly popular. According to analysts, this trend will continue as more and more gaming companies try to incorporate blockchain into their products.

Additionally, analysts believe game publishers will use blockchain for secure and legitimate trading between players. In addition, games related to meta universes will also become more widespread.

Newzoo predicts that there will soon be a gold rush around virtual real estate, as more companies see potential in meta universes.
Additionally, cybersports organizations may turn to blockchain to diversify their earnings. Experts expect to see new business models in the cybersports industry using the technology in the future.

As a reminder, in January Bitget became the official sponsor of the cybersports organization Team Spirit.

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