Nodes: where to start for a beginner

Nodes: where to start for a beginner

From this post you will learn what nodes are, what you need for them, and how to earn on them. Recently Nodes are more and more interesting not only for newbies, but also for established people in crypto, because here you don’t need: to sit 24/7 in front of monitor, to study and so on.

Here you just choose project, set node and every 3-5 days you come to check if it works or not.

Let’s start with the terms

  • Node – is a point in a network that either distributes data to other nodes (nodes) in the network, or is an endpoint in the network. Blockchain nodes are often interconnected with other nodes in the network.
  • Server – a dedicated or specialized computer for running service software.
  • Command-line interface (Terminal or console) – a kind of text interface between a man and a computer, in which instructions to the computer are given mainly by typing text strings, in UNIX-systems the use of a mouse is possible. Also known as “console” and “terminal”.

The Essence of Node

Many startup projects need to test their network at the startup and it is very expensive to rent servers at the initial stage, so they usually delegate this to the community, which can get different rewards in the future: Tokens, Allocation, Becoming validator in the main network or merch.

What do you need to run a node?

In order to run a node you will need:

Profit and investments

Profit directly depends on the project. No one can tell you specific numbers right up until the end. Most projects give out rewards in the form of their tokens, which may be with locks, so the amount of profit you find out only on the day of unlocking your tokens.

Therefore, the profit here is 50/50 because there may be a profitable node, or may be a non-profitable project which will also zakazat

We start not every node in a row!

Investment – the cost of the server depends directly on the resource requirements from the project. Recommended power you can always see in the guide for a particular node

Server prices start at $10 and up to $150+/month

Well, it all depends on how long testnet will last, maybe a week or two, maybe a month, and sometimes a year, so you have to be willing to keep node from 3-12 months

Where to look for information on Nods?

  • Twitter – you already know that Twitter is one of the most important tools in crypto, but most likely you won’t find any project announcements in your feed – only if you’re not following any projects.
  • Nodes.Guru – The main resource with information on all current nodes, they always have instructions on how to run a particular node, and they also have their own tg channel and bot where you can keep track of your nodes.
  • Tg Channels – Various tg channels have information about their nodes as well, but it is often just information without any instructions.


YES, it will work because all you will have to do is rent a server, do everything according to the guide, save your data, and then just wait when your reward will be paid – or not.

Depending on how many nodes you want to put and the required resources: On average 1-3 nodes per month will cost you $100-150.

Of course, not all projects say about awards, they do it to drop a lot of people.

To raise a node, you need up to 1 hour, and then 30-60 minutes a month to check your node.

Yes, you can, but then you have to look at resources, and it happens that nodes can conflict with each other!


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