Visa payment system has launched a program to support the creators of NFT

Visa payment system has launched a program to support the creators of NFT

Many of the 50 million artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers and other artists publish content and many of them are interested in the latest technology, representatives of the payment system explain the need for the Visa Creator Program. Given the fact that NFT can serve as proof of ownership and authenticity of digital goods, images, videos and music, they can be an additional source of income for issuers, Visa specialists say.

The main principle of selection of the Visa Creator program participants is the willingness of the authors to implement NFT in the business model, regardless of the experience in the creation of NFT or the presence of successful projects.

The program includes a mentorship program, in which participants will be able to share ideas and solve problems at different stages of NFT project development. Participants are promised the opportunity to network with leaders in the digital commerce, Web3, cryptocurrency and payments markets. The program also includes interaction with Visa customers and partners. Program participants will receive a one-time grant to “help them get to the next level”.

“NFTs have great opportunities that can accelerate the growth of their creators’ businesses. We’ve been studying the NFT ecosystem and its potential impact on the future of commerce, retail and social media,” said Visa Payment Network cryptocurrency project manager Cuy Sheffield.
Sheffield said earlier that NFTs make the cryptocurrency industry much more interesting. Visa became interested in the NFT industry last year when it acquired CryptoPunks collectible token #7610 for about $150,000 to add to its collection of “commercial artifacts”.

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