Billy Marcus denied rumors about the creation of a “cat token” together with Ilon Musk

The confusion arose after Billy Markus, who uses the Twitter handle Shibetoshi Nakamoto, interacted with actor Tommy Chong.

Marcus revealed that even though he’s working on a “doggy coin,” he’s always loved cats. That said, he is not a fan of cryptocurrencies launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Marcus explained that a lot of fraudulent projects have been created based on this blockchain lately, thanks to its small token launch fees. In his opinion, tokens based on Etherium are much better because developers have to pay a large fee to create them.

Therefore, Chong, along with many Twitter users, came to the conclusion that the recently created “cat” token based on Etherium may have been launched by Marcus with the assistance of Elon Musk. They began to ask Marcus if he had anything to do with this cryptocurrency project. However, the Dogecoin co-founder refuted these speculations. He expressed dissatisfaction that Chong published snippets of their private conversation “taken out of context,” thereby misleading users.

“I have nothing to do with this stupid ‘cat’ token. If people are stupid enough to think that Ilon Musk and I worked on it together, they are completely hopeless. To hell with Telegram and all the scammers using it,” Marcus wrote on Twitter.

A few months ago, Marcus revealed that he had 220,000 DOGE in his possession. In September, he suggested creating a bridge between Dogecoin and Etherium, as well as starting to collaborate with NFT creation and trading platforms. According to Marcus, this would greatly accelerate the development of the Dogecoin project.

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