French Authorities Allowed Binance to Serve Local Traders

French Authorities Allowed Binance to Serve Local Traders

The largest Cryptocurrency exchange Binance began to register in different countries around the world to work legally in local markets.

In early April, it became known that financial regulators in Dubai have granted Binance the status of “broker-dealer of digital assets.

This week, it became known that the French authorities issued a license to the exchange, giving it the right to serve local users. Binance France SAS was included in the list of virtual service providers.

The exchange will also be able to provide digital currency storage services. Last Wednesday, Binance’s press office said that France is one of the promising markets. Therefore, the cryptocurrency company will expand its infrastructure just for this region.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stressed that French legislation imposes strict anti-money laundering requirements on businesses. The exchange promises to comply with all legal requirements and interact with regulators on an ongoing basis.

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