Matt Haugan: Biden's executive order will drive up Bitcoin's value

Matt Haugan: Biden’s executive order will drive up Bitcoin’s value

Matt Hougan said that cryptocurrencies need clear regulation to become really popular. The head of Bitwise believes that digital assets need to be promoted by regulators. And for that, there needs to be adequate investor protections:

“If you believe in the technology behind cryptocurrencies, if you believe in its potential, you need regulation that allows the technology to develop and show itself. Right now, blockchain only affects a small part of society, but we would like to see the impact of this technology on life, finance, and the Internet”.

The head of Bitwise believes that the current stage of the industry’s history prepares the ground for the growth of the cryptocurrency market, which will happen this year and continue next year.

Recall that on March 9, the U.S. president issued a special executive order instructing federal agencies to coordinate efforts to develop rules for regulating cryptocurrencies. After that, the rate of BTC rose by 10%.

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