Revolut reported on the development of a cryptocurrency wallet

Revolut reported on the development of a Cryptocurrency wallet

Revolut is developing a Cryptocurrency wallet and related functionality as part of its strategy to transform itself into a superapp. Nick Storonsky, CEO of the fintech company, said in an interview with Reuters.

“…decentralized wallets and the ability to withdraw/withdraw Cryptocurrencies […] stacking, lending is something we lack and are working on”

he said

To move to universal financial services provider status in the foreseeable future, Revolut will also launch a BNPL product and expand free and instant cross-border transfer capabilities. Mortgage lending may be available in the future, the company’s CEO added.

In October 2021, Revolut zeroed out fees on cryptocurrency transactions for U.S. customers of up to $200,000 monthly.

In April 2022, Robinhood expanded access to the cryptocurrency wallet beta testing to 2 million users. The launch for all clients of the online brokerage is expected during 2022.

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