Epic Games and Lego will create a meta-inspired one for kids

Epic Games and Lego will create a meta-inspired one for kids

One of the largest developers of computer games Epic Games and the manufacturer of children’s designers Lego announced about cooperation.

So far, the companies’ plans are quite vague, reports The Verge. It is known that within the framework of cooperation there will be created a digital service for children of all ages and virtual spaces for communication and games. One of the main objectives is the development of metaworlds, including those that are safe for children.

“We’re excited to create together a space in the meta-universe that is interesting, fun and suitable for children and families with children”, said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

No timeline for the launch of the meta-universe from Lego and Epic Games has been announced.

Now some of the most popular metaworlds are Decentraland (300,000 users per month), The Sandbox (30,000 users) and Cryptovoxels (less than 25,000 users). Decentraland recently hosted the world’s first meta-universe marriage. Citibank analysts recently predicted that the capitalization of the meta-universe market will reach $13 trillion by 2030.

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