The most popular exchanges in Russia were Binance, OKX and Huobi

The most popular exchanges in Russia were Binance, OKX and Huobi

Binance, Huobi and OKX were the most popular Cryptocurrency exchanges among Russian Internet users in April. This is evidenced by the data of Similarweb service.

Moreover, Russia accounted for more than 7.3% of the total traffic received by Binance over the past 30 days.

Users from Russia provided platforms OKX and Huobi 12.7% and 15% of their total traffic, the researchers found. They also drew attention to the preservation of the leading position of Binance in our country, despite the fact that the administration of this trading platform began to limit the service of Russian traders in compliance with the sanctions policy.

Russians also use the services of other bitcoin exchanges. In particular, they account for up to 9.62%, 7.3% and 14% of the traffic attracted by ByBit, Gate and Bitget, respectively.

American and British investors predominantly use Coinbase exchange services.

Despite the fact that many trading platforms have left the Chinese market, local traders through VPN services continue to make transactions with digital currencies. The most popular platforms for investors from China in the last 30 days were OKX and Deribit.

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