Radio Doge are working on introducing offline Dogecoin transactions

Radio Doge are working on introducing offline Dogecoin transactions

Soon Dogecoin transactions will be available offline using Starlink technology, according to the official blog.

In addition, the post details upcoming updates and gives a brief overview of Timothy Stebbing and Michie Lumine’s projects such as GigaWallet and RadioDoge.

DOGE transactions without the Internet may become possible with the Radio Doge project, which focuses on combining low-cost radio technology (HF/LoRaWAN) with the Starlink worldwide satellite network.

These elements provide low-cost, large-scale access to Dogecoin for those outside the traditional Internet infrastructure.
The Dogecoin team has been working to build the foundation for RadioDoge and Gigawallet using Libdogecoin, the building block for building Dogecoin projects.

The team reported that Libdogecoin has reached the 0.1 mark, allowing transactions to be verified and created. The first transactions (via the Core Node relay) have already been made on the test network and Dogecoin addresses have been created. The library has successfully received Dogecoin on the Core Network.

The RadioDoge “Regional Hub” was launched last week, with RadioDoge largely acting as the underlying technology for the innovation testing ground. The first libdogecoin transactions will be generated and sent out this week.

They will be broadcast over 150 miles over SW radio in Colorado via Starlink satellite to the Dogecoin test network.

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