El Salvador will host the World Blockchain Festival on April 21

El Salvador will host the World Blockchain Festival on April 21

The government of El Salvador is organizing the World Blockchain Festival, which will focus on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the meta universe. It is scheduled for April 21-23.

The festival is organized by the Colombian blockchain company Spartan Hill with the help of the government of El Salvador. The World Blockchain Festival will include industry conferences, interactive events, educational seminars, music concerts and other entertainment. 

Participants will be able to talk to a variety of industry experts about blockchain, bitcoin, decentralized finance (DeFi), collectible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrencies in general. The three days will also include hackathons for app developers and an NFT auction. In addition to educational workshops, World Blockchain Festival participants will have an exciting gaming and meta universe experience.

The list of honored guests includes Indira Kempis, Senator from the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon; Austin Davis, co-founder of CrownBits.io Bitcoin Rewards; and Justin Ballard, CEO of Invertir Mejor, co-founder of JAI Energy, writer and journalist. The speakers will not only share their experiences in the cryptocurrency industry, but will also discuss with users how blockchain and cryptoassets affect politics, society and the economy.

My opinion

Such events attract a lot of public attention, which is only good for the development of the community.

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