Retailer Grupo Elektra chose Athena Bitcoin as cryptopayment operator

Retailer Grupo Elektra chose Athena Bitcoin as cryptopayment operator

Grupo Elektra owns more than 1,300 retail outlets in Mexico and Latin America. In December 2021, the company became the first Mexican retailer to accept Bitcoins for payment.

Mexican billionaire and Grupo Elektra owner Ricardo Salinas Pliego said his company will soon add Lightning Network support to accept Bitcoin payments.

Grupo Elektra chose Athena Bitcoin Global as its cryptocurrency payment processor because it is one of the largest crypto machine manufacturers and operator of personalized trading services provided in the over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency market.

Athena Bitcoin will provide Grupo Elektra with a fiat crypto bridge that guarantees processing and liquidity in accordance with national regulatory requirements, making Lightning Network instant payments possible.

In early 2022, Athena Bitcoin Global sued former CTO Shaun Overton and president of crypto software company ROI Developers, accusing him of sabotaging business relations with the Salvadoran government and failing to install cryptocurrencies in the country.

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