Brock Pierce claims to have sold 240 thousand BTC and invested it all in EOS

Brock Pierce claims to have sold 240 thousand BTC and invested it all in EOS

Former U.S. presidential candidate Brock Pierce says he sold 240,000 BTC and bought EOS, but the community doesn’t believe him

Former U.S. presidential candidate Brock Pierce converted all of his investments in (including 240,000 BTC) into EOS tokens. He announced this in a Twitter thread. When exactly the conversion took place and at what rate, Pierce did not specify. EOS price jumped 16.3% to $2.9 in EOS/USD pairing amid the claims.

I, for one, traded all of my shares in B1 (the 240k BTC, Bullish, et al) for EOS tokens. I win with the community or lose with the community. Lots happening. Stay tuned.

– Brock Pierce (@brockpierce) March 27, 2022

Pierce’s post was in response to a tweet from user @Trim_Bot, who stated that the EOS community would move from the “disbelief” zone to the “optimism” zone in April. However, many users don’t think so.

For example, some noted that the community has been in the “disbelief” zone for four years. This can be explained by the fact that since 2018, the price of EOS has never managed to update its historical maximum.

Homie, we’ve been trying to shift from disbelief to optimism for 4 years…
Stop trying to make EOS happen, it’s never going to happen.

– Adrianna Mendez (@ampersandarrow) March 25, 2022

The only time EOS has shown a price hike was in May 2021. EOS jumped to ~$14.4 then, but collapsed to ~$4.3 a couple of days later. EOS hit a historic high of $21.5 in April 2018.

Users have also questioned the veracity of Pierce’s claims. They believe that Pierce, as a co-founder of (the EOS developer company), is lying, as investing 240,000 BTC (~$11.2 billion) would affect the price of the EOS token, whose capitalization, according to CoinGecko, is ~$3 billion at the time of writing.

Pierce responded by saying he made a “crazy bet.” Users urged Pierce to show the transaction with the purchase of EOS for BTC, but the former presidential candidate did not comment on the calls.

little brother! Has your Twitter been hacked? Take out your transaction record of 240,000 BTC to buy EOS!

– just love (@dmnet658) March 28, 2022

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