The organizers of a crypto-pyramid were detained in Dagestan.

The organizers of a crypto-pyramid were detained in Dagestan.

Employees of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a successful operation to detain the Russians who founded a financial pyramid scheme.

As the newspaper Kommersant specifies, citing a source in the law enforcement agencies, the detainees were representatives of the cryptocompany Yusra Global.

It is in the “black list” of the Central Bank as an organization with signs of a pyramid. Its branches operated in Dagestan, Moscow, Kazan, Simferopol, as well as in Kazakhstan and Turkey.

According to the law enforcement authorities, the employees of this cryptocompany offered Russian citizens to invest into digital currencies and promised annual returns of up to 500%.

The first investors were indeed paid dividends by the fraudsters with the funds of newly arrived citizens.

The lion’s share of the raised capital was divided between the suspects. The preliminary amount of the damage exceeds 1 billion rubles. The pyramid organizers were detained in January and taken into custody. They face fines and imprisonment up to ten years.

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