Roundabout Theater launched a blockchain-based ticketing platform

Roundabout Theater launched a blockchain-based ticketing platform

True Tickets is the Roundabout Theater Company’s first startup focused on providing ticket issuers with digitally customizable rights management.
The ticketing service is deployed on Hyperledger Fabric platform based on IBM blockchain and is an ecosystem that generates dynamic QR codes. QR codes are integrated with distributed ledger technology.

True Tickets co-founder and CEO Matthew Zarracina said that a potential theatergoer will now be able to buy a ticket on the Roundabout website by choosing online delivery instead of picking up the ticket at the box office or printing it out at home.

Thanks to blockchain technology, a theater ticket acquires the properties of a license, to which automated management and control is applicable:
“There has been a significant operational improvement, especially when it comes to ticket distribution and resale in secondary markets. The number of authorized listings or fraud problems has dropped by 90-99%. The technology will allow us to track seats sold as well as ownership, and contact the ticket owner in case of changes or cancellations”.

In February, it was announced that Manchester City soccer club, in partnership with Sony, would build its home stadium, Etihad, in the meta-universe. In the meta-universe it will be possible to sell match broadcasting rights, as well as tickets and club products to fan communities.

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