The best golfers from Africa and Europe will be awarded with VTS prizes: details

The best golfers from Africa and Europe will be awarded with VTS prizes: details

According to local media, golfers in Africa and Europe will be awarded Crypto prizes in the form of Bitcoins at the end of the 2022 season. This has become possible thanks to the sponsorship of the South African Sunshine Tour (Luno platform).

So, in addition to general all-around tournaments and competitions, local golfers will compete for first place on the Sunshine Tour leaderboard. Reportedly, the incentive for athletes will be more than high, because the player with the best result will receive a VTS reward in the amount of 30 thousand euros.

Crypto-platform Luno, which is behind the Sunshine Tour, initiated its own campaign to reward golfers for a reason. Naturally, the company’s primary objective is to reward the tremendous work and willpower that athletes exert every day during grueling training sessions. With all that said, Luno wants to showcase its extensive presence in Africa, a region where the company has greatly expanded its capabilities in the past few years. Luno’s financial participation in the sports competition should only demonstrate that cryptography can “take root” and be used in all areas of activity.

Among other things, it is known that Luno will set up its own equivalent in which the winners of the competition will receive their Crypto awards.

“The player who won the Luno Order of Merit award (1st place, – ed.) will receive 500,000 rands in Bitcoins, which is about $31,000.The second and third place winners will receive R200 000 and R100 000 respectively”

the media reports

At the end it is worth adding that Luno decided not to leave any of the golfers without suspicious prizes. Each participant in the tournament will receive a consolation prize of R1,000 in VTC from the Crypto company. Reportedly, Luno in this way, wants to attract the attention of athletes to the digital industry, to learn the services and functions of local exchanges directly. At the very least, golfers will need to do this, if only to withdraw their Bitcoin awards into a fiat account.

Recall, we previously reported that soccer fans were able to buy tickets to matches through Blockchain applications.

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