Blockchain, NFT, and meta-universes are transforming all industries Catherine Wood:

Blockchain, NFT, and meta-universes are transforming all industries Catherine Wood:

During an online conference hosted by Affin Hwang Asset Management, Catherine Wood said that Ark Invest is now focused on exploring five innovative industries. These are DNA sequencing (a method for sequencing nucleotides in a DNA molecule) to fight incurable diseases, adaptive robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. 

The head of Ark Invest called the Bitcoin and Etherium networks the first private digital monetary systems in history to be created according to certain rules and used internationally. Wood also sees great potential in decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital wallets, which are already “breaking new ground” in the financial industry and could compete with centralized banking solutions.

As blockchain’s capabilities expand, the stage is set for the development of meta-villages, which could be considered the next-generation Internet, Wood said. She also mentioned non-transferable tokens (NFTs), which allow their owners to prove ownership of an item. However, Wood believes the NFT industry still has room to grow.

“A lot of people think of the meta-universe as video games, but it’s a bigger idea than just games. I’m sure that blockchain, NFT and meta universes will have an impact on any field”, Wood said.

Catherine Wood has always been friendly to the latest technology, including Bitcoin. Last year, despite market volatility, she suggested that Bitcoin could reach $500,000 within five years. This is due to the growing interest of institutional investors in it.

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