Central Bank of Jamaica announces free CBDC giveaway: details

Central Bank of Jamaica announces free CBDC giveaway: details

The Central Bank of Jamaica announced its intention to hold a free distribution of Jam-Dex coins, better known around the world as CBDC – state-issued cryptocurrencies issued by country regulators. The agency said in a statement that only 100,000 users who are the first to join in using the digital asset will be destined to take part in the “action”.

The regulator reportedly intends to transfer about $16 to the accounts of the above number of citizens. The free distribution of digital assets, according to the agency, is aimed at spreading the word about the emergence of the state cryptocurrency. The Central Bank wants as many people as possible to join the use of CBDC, which, according to the developers, will not only simplify the lives of citizens, but will allow the Jamaican economy to reach a whole new level.

It’s worth noting that the information about the coming cryptocurrency giveaway was posted on his Twitter account by the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness. Upon reading the official’s message, commentators were divided “into two tabor”. Some citizens took a positive view of the authorities’ intentions to develop the digital sector in the country, while another part of users reacted negatively to the news, calling the CBDC handout “an empty attempt by the government to bribe people to attract them to the federal banking system”.

While the people of Jamaica continue to argue and discuss the release of the state asset, the analytical company Jamaica Observer urges citizens not to react so harshly to the news. According to experts, almost 20 percent of Jamaicans do not use the services of banks, they are usually middle- and low-income citizens. Analysts believe that this figure is disastrous, so efforts of the authorities to attract the “laggards of modern technology” people to the financial system are justified and logical.

Recall, we previously reported that distributed registry technology could revolutionize the cannabis industry in Jamaica.

“Fear the Danites who bring gifts” All these CBDCs are in fact a “Trojan horse” for the financial enslavement of the naive part of the population

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